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  • Game developer resources I’ve gathered over the years

  • C# example to load Doom WAD file

  • Example of bouncing ball

  • Learning to use AES encryption

    I’ve started working on a simple credentials manager app that runs on the console and I wanted the credentials that are kept on file to be encrypted for obvious reasons. The app is written in C++ and I needed to find and work with an appropriate encryption library. I’ve tried using two libraries: OpenSSL and…

  • Git shallow cloning stuff

    so after you use shallow cloning in git using –depth 1, if you call git pull you will find that git will pull all changes not just –depth 1. to honour the –depth 1 from cloning we call call git pull with the same depth: git pull –depth 1 origin master life saving stuff

  • Quick cloning of kernel mainline

    git clone –depth 1 https://github.com/torvalds/linux.git linux_mainline using github as it’s a mirror of mainline and depending where you’re accessing the internet from, much faster. the –depth 1 will limit the history to 1 commit back I believe. If you’d need to view more than that then you can probably use git log — [filename] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/278192/view-the-change-history-of-a-file-using-git-versioning

  • Quake 2 tools

    Over the past few weeks (perhaps few months) I’ve been trying to create a few Quake 2 tools that can run on the browser from scratch. I’ve started working with a Pak extractor tool that should allow you to load a pak archive, page/search through all items, add/remove items from the archive and also allow…

  • Quake 2 map compiling

    So after making use of a level editing tool you can save your level as a .map file. For you to be able to run this level you’ll need to compile it using a bsp compiler. Below is a simple example of how to run the tool: qbsp3 -gamedir “c:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Quake II” ..\test1.map

  • Starting my journey in Spanish

    Growing up I’ve been aware that there are many different languages spoken by people around my town and the rest of the world. I grew up in a household that spoke English predominantly. Any words spoken of another language would generally be colloquial in nature. I’ve even spent twelve years of my life learning isiZulu…